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frequently asked questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by our clients and our answers to those questions.

What is a fire safety plan?

A plan includes a written description of all life safety equipment, human resources, administrative, duties, emergency procedures,maintenance procedures, fire prevention, fire extinguishment and procedures for notifying the Fire Department when life safety systems in the building are not operating. A complete set of schematic drawings of all levels and site plan showing all life safety equipment.

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Who requires a Fire Safety Plan?

  • Assembly occupancy or care or detention occupancy.
  • Residential occupancy where the occupant load exceeds 10.
  • Mercantile occupancy where the occupant load exceeds 300.
  • Business and personal services occupancy where the occupant load exceeds 300.
  • High hazard industrial occupancy where the occupant load exceeds 25.
  • Medium hazard industrial occupancy where the occupant load exceeds 100.
  • Low hazard industrial occupancy where the occupant load exceeds 300.
  • Buildings containing 4 stories or more, including stories below grade.
  • Buildings used as a convalescent home or children's custodial home.

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Where does an approved plan go?

Most municipalities require the approved plan to be placed in an approved metal lock box which is prominently displayed near the building entrance or as designated by Local Authority as shown on approved schematic drawings.

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Why fire safety plans?

Fire Safety planning is a legislated requirement for most facilities under Section 2.8 of the National and Provincial Fire Code.

Building owners (property management companies) are required to ensure that all aspects of the Fire Code are strictly adhered to.

There are four (4) main pieces of legislation that mandate or govern the requirements for fire safety and emergency planning in Canada:

  • National Fire Code
  • Provincial Fire Code
  • Occupational Health And Safety Act
  • The Criminal Code

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What if I do not comply with the above legislation?

Not complying with the Ontario Fire Code can result in penalties for corporations up to $100,000 and directors, officers or individuals of penalties up to $50,000 and /or up to one year imprisonment.

Many municipalities are taking a "Zero Tolerance" stance when in comes to infractions of the Ontario Fire Code and taking building owners directly to court.

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Do fire safety plans require review?

Under Section 2.8 of the Ontario/National Fire Code requires that all Fire Safety Plans be reviewd as often necessary, but at intervals not greater than 12 months, to ensure that it takes account changes in the use and other characteristics of the building.

Existing plans are audited for any changes within the building personnel, building layou physically challenged persons and re-submitted for approval to Authority Having Jurisdiction if required.

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How do I obtain an approved fire safety plan?

Schedule for a no charge proposal

Once proposal is accepted, a full building audit of all life safety equipment is performed.

Drawings and written plan are submitted to local authorities for approval.

Upon approval, plan is delivered and is to be implemented within 30 Days of approval.

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